The Mill of Elves/Trikala

The Mill of Elves/Trikala

It’s Christmas time, it’s a magical time.

You don’t have to be a child to enjoy and get pleasure from the most spiritual season of the year. Yes yes, you know that Santa doesn’t exist but what about his assistants…the elves? Come on, face the truth that a small part of you wants to believe in this Christmas Carol…
If you are close enough to believe follow us to a special place and let Christmas’ energy capture your thoughts.

So, welcome to “The Mill of Elves” and experience a unique and magical journey.

City of Trikala, Thessaly, the last 8 years celebrates Christmas in the biggest Theme Park in Greece. The city of Trikala is one of the most beautiful towns in Greece. In recent past was famous for its innovating action in many sectors of daily life and nowadays became popular for this fantastic Christmas Park. It was 9th of December 2001 when Santa Claus discovered and transformed the Old Matsopoulos’ Mill into his new field of action. Since then, thousands of people travel to Trikala during Christmas Season to meet Santa and carouse with his assistants, the naughty and nice elves.

In “Mill of Elves” guests have the change to visit the Kingdom of Candies, The Elves’ Post Office, The Chocolate Factory, the Well of Wishes and of course Santa’s Home! These are few between a wide range of festive facilities. Children usually go crazy in Elves’ Ice-skating area while parents get stuck in the Chocolate Lab, in which for 38 days elves make candies from dark and white chocolate, caramel and nuts.

This year Santa Claus is in trouble! He needs help in order to deliver gifts on time. Don’t let kids down, join Santa’s Team and get the rare title of “Santa Claus’ Official Assistant”!


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