Larissa, the Nymph of Pineios river – Take a trip to tradition!

Larissa, the Nymph of Pineios river – Take a trip to tradition!

Larissa, the Nymph of Pineios river, is a vibrant city in the plains, that invites you to take a trip to tradition, nature and history.

According to the legend, the story behind the name of the Nymph of the Pineios River, derives from the nymph Larissa who drowned in the river while playing with her ball.  Actually the name Larissa means ‘stone walled city’, which was given by the first inhabitants, the pre-hellenic Pelasgians who made it their capital when they came to dominate Thessaly. Your journey has just begun!

Larissa welcomes you with pedestrian streets, cafes and bars, restaurants, attractions and historical monuments. A walk just outside the town to the beautiful Vale of Tempi, a narrow pass between two mountains, Ossa and Olympus, will leave anyone stunned.

Any visitor from the beginning of time will be inspired by the incredible sight of the Vale of Tempi. No one can’t do anything else but stop and take a closer look to the miracle of nature. Enter the natural cave of the church of Agia Paraskevi (1910) to sip some of the holy water gushing from the rocks. This place in Central Greece has been sacred since the goddess Aphrodite was worshipped there. Get ready for an unforgettable experience and take a small boat from the pier below the restaurant and take a ride down to the Pineios river till Rapsani bridge.

On the hillside above you’ll encounter a mix of tradition, the authenticity of Central Greece in the village Ambelakia. A village with stone built houses with red-tiled roofs that clutch the mountainside over Tempi. Ampelakia will make you feel that you’ve arrived at the source of tradition, as you walk through the neighborhoods of Agia Paraskevi and Agios Athanasios, among the Macedonian-style houses and the historic church of Agios Georgios and Agios Athanasios. You’ll admire the impressive Svarts mansion, one of the most interesting buildings in Thessaly and you can experience the luxurious local hotels.

Sights and attractions worth seeing in Larissa: the acropolis on Agios Achillios hill, with the great 15th-century covered market, the two ancient theatres from the 3rd century BC and the monument-museum of the Hippocrates opposite the Alkazar, and many more.

The beaches Agiokampos, Red Water, Sotiritsa and Velika are the most famous ones, but not underestimate the other unique beaches that of the county. The main feature of the coast of the prefecture of Larissa is their diversity (there are both sandy and pebbled beaches) and the combination of Kissavos green and blue of the Aegean. For diving enthusiasts there are organized facilities that take place in the county seas and reach till Pelion.

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You will find many apartments, luxury resorts and hotels in Larissa which combine many types of entertainment and facilities which are located close to many activities, beaches and nature. Such places are the Divani Palace Larissa, the Larisa Imperial, the Bebis Hotel etc.