Taste Luxury Brunch In Alternative Places

Taste Luxury Brunch In Alternative Places

Do we have to pay a lot so can taste luxury brunch?…Can “big” things happen in “small” places?

Fine dining places and Michelin star awarded restaurants are always the greatest way to try superb quality plates. Are creative cuisine and excellent service come always in high prices? Though there is a thought…

Does everybody feel comfortable in such places? No…for many people is awkward!

So let’s take a try to have a lux brunch to cosy corners in Athens and no, we don’t talk about fine dining. We talk about luxury in taste, in food style and quality.

First stop, I Feel Athens, located in Psiri, this old fashioned/mainstream area in the heart of Athens. “I Feel” is a small, cute all day bar-restaurant, 50m from Monastiraki and serves you brunch every day from 8am to 6pm.

There you’ll find a big variety menu and too many -worth to try- dishes. Croquet Madame, Poached Eggs on smoked salmon or Pancakes with maple syrup and red fruits are an excellent choice. Its also excellent to choose dishes for vegans or the Black Angus burger.

For sure in “I Feel” the great taste and good presentation are the ingredients of a lux and lavish brunch.

Let’s take a walk to another old district in Athens, Petralona. In this classic, like a 60s movie-scenery, area “Mr Who” is the top spot to brunch in weekends. Every Saturday and Sunday, 11am – 4pm, you’ll be suprised how such a cosy, -feel like home-and alternative place manage to create sophisticated dishes and serve luxury brunch.

Either you chose “Mr Who’s Pancakes”, “Marple French Toast” or “Avocado Smashed” all dishes’ll refresh your memory and remind you how the taste…tastes.

Don’t forget to take your dog (and not only!) with as the place is totally pet friendly.

Third and final stop is in a great view area, Petroupoli city, in the suburbs of West Athens. There, up to the hill, you’ll find “Terra Petra”, an all day

In Terra Petra, the place with panoramic city view and the beautiful decoration, you will taste sweet and salted pancakes, various egg dishes and fresh sandwiches in low prices. Great view, tasteful dishes and low prices will let you experience a luxury brunch.

So “big” things can happen in “small” places for people who look for the alternative side of luxuriousness.