Kalamata holidays, in the heart of Messinia

Kalamata holidays, in the heart of Messinia

Between the peaks of mountain Taygetos and the Messinian, Kalamata dances to a different tune.

The magnificent Taygetos stands above the city of Kalamata whose beach seems to go on forever. Kalamata boasts modern cafes, beach bars, restaurants, luxury hotels, markets, historic buildings, a port, a summer dance festival and an unforgettable nightlife.

Walking barefoot on the sand will give you plenty of time to appreciate the seemingly endless beach: it is 5km from Verga, where it begins, to the port of Kalamata. The rhythm of the city will fascinate you with the busy beach bars, cafes, restaurants, water sports facilities and funfairs; everything you need for a delightful day at the beach you can find it.

There are so many different sites in Kalamata and it worth visiting each one of them: the walled castle from the middle Ages, the renowned dance festival that attracts fans from all over Europe, the nunnery where traditional handkerchiefs are still made by hand, neoclassical buildings, 19th-century churches, fashion boutiques, art shops, traditional cafes etc. This city of the Peloponnese will surely leave you nothing but surprised!

Discover the city’s history, imprinted in every street and building. You’ll come across sights and attractions everywhere in Kalamata. You could start with the church of Ypapanti, which stands out in town with its belfries and silver domes. North of the church is the Municipal Odeon on Alexandraki Street. A neoclassical building houses the interesting Historical and Folk Museum, at the corner of Kyriakou and Agiou Ioannou streets.

Southern, is the Othon square which used to operate the central market. In another neoclassical building there is sited the Municipal Gallery which is located on Papazoglou Street, almost directly across from the town’s Archaeological Museum. On the March 23rd Square you’ll find the historic church of Agii Apostoli, where the main church was built in Byzantium. Every step has a story.

Kalamata really dresses up for a night out. Bright lights, dance music, chic ensembles, racing engines and the curtain rises for the evening’s entertainment in the heart of the Peloponnese. Grab the opportunity and carpe noctem.

In order to achieve the maximum of hospitality and the most luxurious vacation you could afford, you have to check in at the best luxury hotels in Kalamata, so you could enjoy unforgettable vacation!

You will find many apartments, luxury resorts and hotels in Kalamata which combine many types of entertainment that are close to many facilities. Such hotels are the Pharae Palace Hotel, the Hotel Mantinia Bay, the Elite City Resort, the Filoxenia Hotel Kalamata and the Horizon Blu