Alexandroupoli… where Europe meets Asia

Alexandroupoli… where Europe meets Asia

The largest port of Thrace welcomes you with its famous lighthouse, in the first European city you meet when arriving in Greece from Asia. A center of transit trade exists among Asia, Mediterranean and Balkans. Everybody stops here, so will you! Nothing reminds of the old picturesque fishing village of the 19th century. Now the streets are broad with a perfect layout, a coast covered with taverns, restaurants, bars and luxury hotels – a luxury holiday destination that satisfies every possible need.

Alexandroupoli’s trademark is the lighthouse – 27 meters tall, with six floors stoned steps and the light beam up to 23 miles makes it difficult not to be noticed. The imposing lighthouse stands at the port since 1880 and is one of the attractions that dominate the city.

The Delta of Evros River is a must see for all visitors. On your trip across the river, you will live one of the strongest naturalist experiences. In the palette of creation, sweet and salty water is mixed to create a unique value environment for nesting, sheltering large populations of waterfowl, but also vital concentration, growth, and living of many types of animals.

The forest of Dadia will reward you with a thousand pictures in your memories during your trip to Alexandroupolis. Dadia forest is an ecological sanctuary that hosts a protected area of 72,000 hectares of rare birds and reptiles.

Next to the bridge that separates the borders of Greece and Turkey, architecture meets faith in the unique church of Panagia Kosmosotira. The important ecclesiastic monument is located in Feres (ancient Vira), along with the few remains of the homonymous monastery.

If you are fond of spas, make a stop in Traianoupolis. In this eternal source of wellness, history speaks for itself: Hannah’s vaulted brick edifice shows that it was a hostel for hikers of the 14th century.

In today’s port of Makri you can still view a Cyclops cave, one of the many that exist in Greece.

In Alexandroupolis you will find luxury hotels and modern resorts with high quality services fulfilling any need, wish and requirement you might have. We present some of the best hotels to experience the luxury and comfort that you deserve:

Alexander Beach Hotel, Oceanis HotelAstir Egnatia Alexandroupoli, Panorama Classic Hotel.