Kos… Make your holidays a game

Kos… Make your holidays a game

Kos is the island where Hippocrates, the greatest physician of ancient Greece, was born. Meropi, Nymphaea, Karis, Kos: any of the names given across the centuries you choose, this exotic island of Aegean will be written on your holiday calendar heart.

You’ll love Kos. You will think it was made for you!  You will find a safe and welcoming place with a wonderful climate and nature, full of surprises, with thousands of different options to enjoy the most memorable vacation. Furthermore, you can visit attractions and unique castles, beaches of rare natural beauty that attract thousands of people every summer. Combine traveling, attractions and activities (diving, tennis, golf , cycling) in just one place.

Four kilometers southwest of Kos town, on a wooded hill with breathtaking view, you will discover one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, the famous Asklepion.

Kos is surrounded by large squares, wide streets with trees, walkways, modern buildings, shops, cafes and restaurants. Furthermore, you can visit plenty of attractions: you should discover the castle of the Knights Ioanniton, browse the walls of the old city, hastily built between 1391-1396 to hold the Sultan Bayezid. Don’t forget to visit the archaeological sites of the Port, the Market, the Medieval Town, the Castle of Neratzia and the western districts. You shouldn’t leave the island unless you visit the huge plane tree of Hippocrates, with 12 meters trunk circumference, where the legend says that he planted himself.

Kos is the ultimate destination for your holidays; safe and welcoming resorts, large hotels by the sea with all amenities included for families, playgrounds, children’s pools, entertaining programs and all sports (diving, tennis, golf, cycling), are the best way of spending your vacation. You can enjoy water sports like diving and scuba or team games for you or your children

In Kos you will also find Greek cuisine, rich buffet, dining along with the bars blende a unique tasteful environment for those who know how to appreciate good food and good drinking. In the luxury hotels you will find delicacies and fine dishes, bars around the pools, juices and cocktails which are served beside the swimming pool under the shade of trees.

The island of Kos can offer the perfect holiday to suit your needs, from thrill seekers looking for water sport activities, to those looking for a quiet beach holiday.

We found and we present for you some of the finest hotels and resorts where you can combine relaxing holidays and watersports activities that appeal to all ages; for those seeking a bit of adventure: Kipriotis Village resort, Blue Lagoon resort, Aquis Hotels & Resorts, Kos Imperial Thalasso, Caravia Beach Hotel.