Dodecanese: When History and Culture are met in the Aegean Sea!

Dodecanese: When History and Culture are met in the Aegean Sea!

The Dodecanese is a group of islands with unique beauty and great history that every visitor can fall in love with. Most islands keep their traditions and that’s why, even today, anyone can encounter women dressed up in their local costumes.

The Dodecanese islands are known for their endless sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. The Dodecanese beaches are amongst the cleanest and most beautiful in Greece, where swimmers can rest under the hot Aegean sun and enjoy their favorite drink in the stylish beach bars.

Some of the most famous beaches of the Dodecanese are the below:

Lindos, Agatha & Kiotari in Rhodes island, the prize awarded Apella and Ammoopi in Karpathos Island, Tigaki the beaches Zouroudi & Turtle in Kos island.

Although the Dodecanese are considered to be an ideal destination for cosmopolitan holidays, there are areas where you can enjoy the peace and quietness. Many islands have preserved the local and traditional clothing, offering visitors that adore photo shooting a great chance of capturing every day moments as if in the past.

Two islands of the cluster of the Dodecanese that combine history, culture and luxury on vacation are Rhodes and Kos.



Since ancient times the island of Rhodes is known as ‘Despina of the Dodecanese’. Nowadays, cosmopolitan Rhodes gathers throng of visitors who come from all over the world to admire and enjoy the incomparable beauty.

The starting point is the old (medieval) town, which is a perfectly preserved monument of the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO, since 1988. The Street of the Knights, the Grand Masters Palace, the Archaeological Museum and the Mandraki are just a few of the attractions inside the city with the narrow streets and alleys, the small houses and the outstanding knightly buildings, surrounded by about 200 medieval churches.

If you are a luxury lover, you have many options of luxury accommodation that you can choose among plenty of luxury resorts like the Sheraton Rhodes Resort, the Rodos Park Suites & Spa and the Grecotel LuxMe Rhodos. In the above-mentioned luxury hotels, you have the opportunity to relax in spas with indoor pool and steam room & dine at the fabulous restaurants of the hotels, while children can play on the water slides and engage in various activities offered by each hotel.

Finally, be sure to taste the fine wines that are produced in Rhodes. Don’t miss the chance to drink the “suma”, a kind of ouzo that is produced by the distillation of grapes and buy unique handmade textiles and ceramics (most famous of which are the ceramics of Lindos).



The style of Kos Island reminiscents a European capital with many picturesque villages and settlements all around. Areas with significant tourist traffic are: the coastal Tigaki, which is a constantly evolving resort, the green wooded Asfendiou with the many Byzantine churches, the picturesque Pili, the traditional Antimacheia that preserves the customs and the traditions of the island, Mastichari which is the second largest harbor of the island, the coastal Marmari, Kardamena and Kefalos which are of the most modern tourist resorts.

Your staying in Kos can be both comfortable and luxurious. Pick one of the best luxury hotels of the island. You can take advantage and enjoy every single activity that the luxury hotels offer; they include hot tubs, steam rooms, massage, indoor and outdoor pools, as well as gourmet meals at their restaurants.

Suggested hotels that offering such comfort are Michelangelo Resort & Spa, Kos Imperial Thalasso, Aqua Blu Boutique Hotel & Spa.

The Dodecanese Islands are here and waiting for you to embrace and offer unique opportunities for a vacation that will truly be unforgettable.