Rethymno – Meet the Cretan filoxenia!

Rethymno – Meet the Cretan filoxenia!

Rethymno is the smallest prefecture of the island of Crete. It has easy and quick access to the southern beaches and the adjoining counties of Heraklion and Chania. The trademark of the city is the castle of Fortezza, which is also used for summer events.

The Fortezza is a “maze” full of surprises… a trip to the Venetian era. Climb the fortress to hear the roar of the sea. Walk along the Venetian harbor with the old lighthouse. Wander around the narrow streets and alleys with the old houses. It seems like you live in another era.

Rethymno has one of the most beautiful Cretan beaches. It spreads along the town where large hotels are lying in the seashore. Close to Rethymno, you will find beautiful bays for swimming, but if you are willing to travel and visit the South, some of the best Cretan (and Greek) beaches, like Triopetra, Aghia Fotini and Aghios Paulos are waiting for you to enjoy and have fun.

On the north and south side of Rethymno magical beaches are located along the coast. In the northern part of Rethymno anyone can find more organized and popular beaches with restaurants, cafes and water sports activities.

In addition, in the northern part of the county dominate hotels which ensure that the beaches are preserved in the best possible condition, while on the south side of Rethymno, the beaches remain in a large proportion virgin and untouched by humans and touristic facilities which make it an ideal place for a relaxing isolated destination. A visit in the southern part of the island will leave you nothing but amazed and speechless by the tremendous beauty you will witness.

If anyone should make a top ten of the best beaches of Rethymno, then cannot but include: Aghia Galini, Bali, Preveli, Panormos, Plakias, Rodakino, Tropetra, Souda, Aghios Pavlos and Platanias.

In Rethymno there are also many attractions, including the famous Loggia, the church of ‘The Lady of the Angels’, the church of St. Francis, the Rimondi Fountain, the Cathedral etc. Moreover, anyone can find several Turkish buildings like Neratzes mosque, which is the largest in the city, the Kara Musa Pasha mosque where the Byzantine Antiquities and the Turkish school have their offices.

Rethymno will not only reward any visitor with the high standards of hospitality and the unique Cretan dishes but will also give unforgettable memories like looking at the longest beach in Crete with length over 12 km. There, anyone can find luxury accommodation in hotels and resorts where any dream on the beach can become true.

In the prefecture of Rethymno luxury resorts are located restaurants and taverns that will satisfy every family need, as well as bar – clubs offering entertainment for all ages.

Some remarkable resorts & hotels in Rethymno area is the Kyma Beach Hotel, Olympia Hotel, Achillion Palace, Elina Hotel apartments, Macaris Suites & Spa, Creta Palace, White Palace for those who don’t want to be deprived of luxury and comfort while on vacation.

Make your dreams come true in one of the most beautiful islands of Greece!