Luxury vacation in Crete for those who appreciate life

Luxury vacation in Crete for those who appreciate life

“Crete’s mystery is extremely deep. Whoever sets foot on this island senses a mysterious force branching warmly and beneficently through his veins, sensing his soul begin to grow,” wrote the famous Cretan author Nikos Kazantzakis, in Report to Greco.

In Crete Island exist some of the most famous monuments of ancient Greece. Minoic Crete, Knossos, Faistos, Malia, Preveli… are waiting for you to discover every single spot.

A luxury vacation in Crete can become a feast for your senses. Wild natural beauty, calm sea view, serene landscape, history, culture and of course anyone who taste the traditional Cretan cuisine has nothing less to say than it is a sparkling dream.

No matter where you taste the Mediterranean view of the Cretan cuisine, in a tavern, in a luxury hotel, in a restaurant or just in a small local shop, you will remember it forever. Even Cretans can see you passing by and try to give you raki and some of their traditional food. Don’t hesitate to accept their gifts. They are famous for their hospitality and for their good heart. Anyone wants to share their food and let the tourists try and become part of their lives and learn more.

Plan your luxury vacation to Crete, the ultimate destination for anyone who seeks to combine serenity and everyday life activities. Luxury hotels like Amirandes Exclusive Resort, are a unique destination for any kind of sports activities, from golf to canoeing, climbing, skiing, and swimming and many more.

Luxury holidays are for those who know how to appreciate life and how to spend their relaxing time and get rest in one of the most superb places.

Luxury hotels are there to fulfill the expectations and needs you might dream of.