Crete: A Gastronomic travel in the Mediterranean Sea

Crete: A Gastronomic travel in the Mediterranean Sea

The Cretan cuisine is distinguished for its variety of flavors and great value in health food sector. Based on natural ingredients and primarily on olive oil, it combines the gastronomic delight with quality. Cretans, faithful to tradition, cook with enthusiasm and imagination, offering meals with love. There lies the secret of success, as the cooking is an art and requires good mood and creativity.

Whether you enjoy a gourmet meal or just handmade barley rusk with coarse salt, olive oils, raw artichoke and cheese, in Crete you will be seduced by its flavors. Discover the secrets of the Cretan diet – kitchen, after all, in Crete are considered to be the best example of the Mediterranean diet. It is internationally accepted as the healthiest and most complete diet. Famous Cretan products are: the Cretan graviera cheese, herbs and wild grasses which grow in the Cretan land, like the spiny chicory, dandelion and various types of wild or sweet radish. A very famous ingredient is stacka, a kind of cream from sheep’s milk that is used in rice, pies and cakes.

Some of the dishes that you should try are: ntakos special type of cracker with tomato and feta cheese, fried snails, Kalitsounia, mizithropitakia -and all kinds of fried small pies, lamb with artichokes, spiny chicory or lemon sauce, gamopilafo san the Sfakiani pie. The traditional drink is raki.  Anywhere you go you will find it. Everyone will treat you raki from noon until late at night in cafes, in their houses, in their feasts and celebrations.

All around Crete, from touristic areas till small villages of the hinterland there are excellent opportunities nowadays for the traveler to enjoy the superb Cretan cuisine offered in many restaurants and traditional taverns along with the great hospitality in beautiful traditional hostels.

We found some of the best and most prominent restaurants in Crete and we present: Corinna Star RestaurantCreta Palace.

Finally, for the lovers of biological products Agreco Taverna will enchant you. It is a Cretan restaurant, only with biological products, on a hill near Rethymnon with vineyards and olive groves that overlooks the deep blue sea. In this restaurant you can taste different dishes based on seasonal fruits of the earth, while the preparation of the menu is carried out entirely at the farm!