Conference Tourism in Greece

Conference Tourism in Greece

Organizing a conference is one of the most growing and dynamic sectors of Greece’s touristic products. Greece climbs on the first twenty congress tourism destinations worldwide and continues to rise up. It offers more than 50 independent conference centers and around 300 hotels fully equipped for successful conferences and events.

Greece has many advantages that make it attractive as a conference destination. The low crime rate, the famous hospitality and the wonderful natural resources of Greece make it an ideal destination for all kinds of business meetings. The mild climate of the country, with more than 300 days a year being with sunshine and high temperatures during winter time in the south of the country, create the conditions for hosting conferences all year long. Participants have the opportunity to combine work with leisure time or even extra vacation days.

The options offered by Greek destinations are many and varied: visiting historical and archaeological places, natural beauty, endless coastlines, sports facilities and wellness, shopping, etc. At the same time, the Greek culinary tradition, in which the Mediterranean diet is based on, it constitutes another significant advantage of the country in attracting and organizing conferences. It also worth’s mentioning that all business executives tourism speak at least one foreign language, while the high level of English learning workers, but also of ordinary citizens, enables the participants to get to know better the place they visit.

So, on your business trip to Greece, you will be a witness to the marriage between the excellent hospitality, high quality service and the amazing natural beauty. Now you have the opportunity to combine luxury and endless fun with safety, excellent facilities, the latest technology equipment for all kinds of events and perfect organization. Experience is well known as Greece has organized European Summits, large events, fairs, international conferences and, of course, the 2004 Athens Olympics.

In every Greek corner, you will come across large hotels at unique locations near the sea for conferences, meetings and corporate seminars, all year long. Close to most of them are airports and major highways or bridges, which ensure your easy movement and visits to nearby attractions and other destinations.

We found for you and we present some of the best and excellent equipped hotels for conferences and incentives that give motivation of quality service since they have specialized in an integrated conference organization need:


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