Bohemia Czech Restaurant / Athens

Bohemia Czech Restaurant / Athens

In city of Athens we can find a big range of restaurants with cuisines inspired from all over the world. The truth is that the majority doesn’t cook and serve dishes according to the original recipes but usually adjust them in the Greek philosophy of taste and culture. This is not always negative but I’m wondering what is the point of trying a foreign traditional dish without being executed exactly as the original recipe?

Fortunately, there is a great place in Athens, the Bohemia restaurant, which serves original Czech dishes. I visited Bohemia at least five years after I traveled to Prague and Brno and everything in this place reminded me this destination.

The story begins back in 1979 and since then the restaurant was established as the only Czech traditional place in Athens. Located close to Panormou area, guests’ll feel a unique tranquility and warmth in it’s wooden n’ stoned indoor space or will be able to enjoy their dinner under the stars in Bohemia’s yard during spring and summer.

Yet, the key of success about this restaurant is in pure, fresh, raw materials, original recipes and in the owners’ passion! One glance in the menu and you’ll realize that your final choice it won’t be easy… your decision between scrumptious starters and delicious desserts it would be difficult but the result’ll reward you in absolute grade.

Svickova, for instance, the most popular dish in Czech Republic, is based in round beef with white sweet and sour sauce, cream, melted vegetables, and Knedliky (traditional savory and sweet dumplings) and is one of the best options in Bohemia.

We highly recommend to visit this Czech restaurant and we ensure you that’ll turn to be your favorite!
Bonus tip: ask to serve you the “wet bread” as it is considered as the national treasure. This is how locals tend to call their beloved… beer!


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