Fa(r)mily Games In Agreco Farm…

Fa(r)mily Games In Agreco Farm…

When we talk about holidays in a Greek island we do not refer only to Mykonos and Santorini islands. If you are young and single, Mykonos is a hot holiday destination. When you finally meet your great love, your alter ego, Santorini is an ideal choice. But what actually changes when it’s time to travel with your family…?

Family holidays aren’t a piece of cake. You are an adult and you probably already know what makes you happy. But kids?

If your main fear is your children’s nagging during summertime vacations, then there is an alternative option which’ll make things easier. Let’s take a closer look.

In Crete, the island of Greek hospitality, is hidden a big “secret”. The traditional Agreco organic Farm. A farm-life simulation in which you and your kids can actually be part of. Agreco Farm’s buildings stand in perfect harmony with the landscape. Join place with your family and play the game named “be farmers for one day”.

In this game the are no rules but only the obligation to try your best and think like an original farmer. Let your children learn about agricultural life and the difficulties that village people face. Watch them get exited while baking fresh and local cheesepies, picking the eggs from the hen-coop, milking goats and learning how to make cheese.

On a hill full of vine yards and olive trees you will taste the very best of traditional Cretan cuisine. So, don’t forget to stay for dinner to Agreco’s Taverna and try the sumptuous six-course menu of Cretan dishes based on the farm’s organic products.

Α great, also, surprise for both children and adults is the mini zoo. Children go crazy with the rare crickets and the wild boars, while parents are usually fascinated by the traditional Oil and Wine-Press.

Grecotel’s Agreco Farm gives a whole new meaning to ‘real experience’. You won’t regret it. Visit Crete and give new dimensions in your holiday.

Image Source:https://www.agreco.gr/farm-activities.html